Mike Penfold MP Aesthetics
Michael Penfold MSc Advanced Practice BSc (Hons) Dip HE

A Little About Our Practitioner…

Michael Penfold MSc Advanced Practice BSc (Hons) Dip HE, is an Aesthetic Practitioner and independent prescriber (v300). Michael has been trained in non-surgical procedures including wrinkle reducing injections, injectable fillers, and platelet rich plasma.

With over Eighteen years-experience of working in intensive care at the very forefront of healthcare you are in very safe hands.

MP aesthetics works from select salons in the south Devon catchment and a clinic room in Liverton. However I am able to provide a mobile service if desired.

Here at MP Aesthetics we understand that discretion and professionalism is essential. We offer free no obligation consultations which are strictly confidential.